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The Hunger Coalition builds a healthy community through access to good food and addresses the root causes of food insecurity in collaboration with key partners (like you!)

Thank you.

This year, a long-time dream came true thanks to you. Our community kicked in everything possible to make Bloom Community Food Center all that it is. With your help, we opened this special place with a Community Kitchen and Cafe, Heated Greenhouses, Next Gen Food Pantry, Edible Gardens, and a Children’s Room.

To all of you who donated grocery bags, gave feedback, pitched in cash, led a community meal, lent a hand at the farm, encouraged friends and family to get food, shared a Facebook post, voiced your opinion, packed a grocery box, shared your art, shared a recipe, shared a meal — thank you. Whatever you did, it’s appreciated and makes Bloom Community Food Center a beautiful reflection of us.

You are an important part of this place that helps folks eat well, make friends, and fight for the rights of the working class. You have given a gift to everyone who walks in — a sense of belonging that we hope you feel, too.

In the blocks below, Denice, Mike, Hadi, and Rafael share what it was like to paint and be painted on the north side of our building. Read through our impact report here to enjoy the full story on how the art on the walls and the spaces between came to be (spoiler: with your help!)

In Gratitude,

The Hunger Coalition team

P.S. Click here to give if you haven’t already!

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We like our art and our food to be colorful, fun, and free to the people. Our team collaborated with Sun Valley Museum of Art to recruit street artists from across the nation to paint the walls of Bloom Community Food Center. Once a committee of staff, participants, and partners narrowed applicants down to 38 artists, the people spoke. Hundreds of you voted for your favorite of the finalists. Watch the video to relive the magic and learn more about the community food center you made possible.

- Hadi Cuadros, Mural Subject After
Losing Her Two Front Teeth.
Asset 14-8


Six incredible street artists brought color, culture, and comfort to Bloom Community Food Center this summer. Arrow over to learn more about the murals and the people behind them.

- Hadi Cuadros, Mural Subject After
Loosing Her Two Front Teeth.
Asset 14-8


For seventeen years, we operated out of a building that lacked color. Our space resembled the typical food bank — the institutional feel, the crowded waiting space, long lines, and an excess of canned food that was only compounding the emotional state of people in crisis. In response to this feedback, we launched Bloom Community Food Center.

This is a place full of really good, free food, edible gardens everywhere, lots of color, art, and really fun people.

We’ve found that when you’re surrounded by food, art, and life that reflects who you are, you feel seen.

Of the six artists, Rafael Blanco painted portraits of community members, Denice Nava, Mike Moore, and Hadi Cuadros. Click on the stories to the right to read more about their experience.

Artwork 4
"It's a totally different world."
"This was one of the greatest moments of my career."
"A new community has been formed here."
Artwork 3
Artwork 6
Artwork 6
Artwork 8
"Thank you for gathering such a beautiful array of foods for our health and total wonderfulness. Broccolini is so yummy! The grapes! The pineapple! Canadian bacon and the little smokey links...OMGosh! Now I have the perfect meal."
- Anonymous Bloom Chef
Asset 14-8
- Peter Philips, reflecting on his
experience at Bloom Community Farm
Asset 14-8


After several conversations about your hopes for the Center, we ran with a vision that is a colorful mashup of what we heard. Here’s how you helped:



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"If you need salt, you ask your neighbor. If they need lemons, they come over."
- Migdaelma Mendez Cuadros, on growing up in Guatemala where sharing food is a daily way of life.
Asset 14-8
"You’ve provided me with moral and spiritual support, so I want to support you and our community in return."
- Maria Hernandez, who brought our team carne con chile, arroz and calabacitas for lunch.
Asset 14-8


We were selected to author a 6-month column for Forbes EQ Brandvoice this year. Thank you, Forbes for sharing the stage and helping our community’s story go the distance. Read on for more stories from our team.


The pandemic has proven that our community responds when its people are in crisis. The outpouring of generosity in the last year kept our neighbors from food insecurity while they struggled with jobs, housing, and health crises. Thanks to you, our organization stayed financially strong and able to meet the unprecedented need. We continue to serve more than double the families than we did before the pandemic and we cannot continue to do so without the support from our community. Thank you!

End Net Assets: $17,882,065
*includes value of recently renovated headquarters, critical reserve funds, and other short-term donor-restricted assets
"The Farm, The Garden, and the Coalition’s mission are enormous assets to our community. After an evening visit, I came away with images of the spring work and quiet beauty of the place. It turned into a painting and is a thank you to all involved."
- Peter Phillips, whose painting of Bloom Community Farm is featured here.
Asset 14-8

OUR Supporters

  • Everyone who is involved with our organization gives back to make this important work possible. This includes board, staff, volunteers, partners, donors and participants. This year, we’re breaking with tradition and doing away with giving levels to build a more inclusive donor list. We recognize that the practice of giving levels reduces people to dollar amounts and that’s not what we’re about. Knowing that money is just one measure of generosity, we’re including all the names of people who give of themselves, whether in time, money, compassion, courage, and action. Thank you to everyone who gives!
(Support provided between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021)


Anonymous Gifts (103)
100 Men Who Care
29029 Everesting
5B Resilience Gardens
7th Day Adventist Church
Sherry & Doug Aanestad
Cassie Abel & Mike Stemp
Charlie Abel
Stephen Abel
Karen Abramowitz
Janet Abromeit & Brian Sturges
Accent Painting, Inc.
Hannes Achhorner
Robyn & Todd Achilles
Randy & Susan Acker
Lisa Adam °
Carole’Anne Adame
Elizabeth Adams
Jon & Mary Adams++
Susan Adams
Lois & Bart Adrian
The Advocates
Anne Aganon & Gordon Cavanaugh
AGL Foundation in the Whitefish            Community Foundation
Agrarian Harvest
Manuel Aguilar
Karen Aguirre
Tony Aguirre
Paul & Laurie Ahern
Ryan Ahern & Aliza Wolfe
Anees Ahmad
Peter & Patti Ahrens
Susie Alban & Scott Creighton
Katie Albracht
Marilyn Alcamo
Alcoholics Anonymous
Herb & Charlotte Alexander
Talia Alkalay
Shannon Allen
Wayne & Kelly Allen
The Alliance of Idaho
Diane Alonso
Tom Alonso
Alpine Tree Service, Inc.
Rick & Lisa Altig
Overbrook Family Advised Fund        of Serena Altschul at The New York      Community Trust
Alturas Elementary
Noemi Alvino Calderon
Viviana Ames
Martha Andersen
Hillary & Kirk Anderson
Joan Anderson
Kylie Anderson
Peter & Jacqueline Anderson
Lesley Andrus
Barbara & Chip Angle
Ted & Leila Angle
Balmoral Apartments
Janet Appleton & Glenn Thomas
Sonal Apte
Elvia Aquino
Brian Arcangeli++
John & Lynn Archer++
Archive Decorative Finishing, LLC
Scott Arkin
Daniela Arkosi
Larissa Arkosi
Mia Arkosi
Itzel Armenta
Mateo Armenta
Emely Armeta
Isabelle Armstrong
Michele Armstrong
Martha Arvey
John & Betsy Ashton
Janet & Lynn Askew
Brad Atchison & Nicole Copel
Don & Judy Atkinson
Monica & Chip Atkinson
Whit & Susie Atkinson
Atkinsons’ Markets
Tracy Atwell & Paul Bates
Gwynn & Mitch August
Claudia Aulum & Ralph Pavone
Falan Austin
Herb Austin++
Esperanza Avila
Evencia Avila
Margarita Ayala
David & Lexa Ayer
Marsha Azorsky
B & G Produce
Alexandra Babalis & Geoffrey Wells++
Charles Babcock
Marcia Babcock & Kurt Spence
Mary Bachman & William Downing
Ryan Bacic
Backwoods Mountain Sports
Monica Bacon
George Bagley
Bahama Blue
McNair & Will Bailey
Barbara Bailie
Ben Bainbridge
Baird Foundation, Inc.
Don & Maureen Baker
Jewell Baker
John & Peggy Baker
Michael & Brenda Ballantyne
Courtney Ballard
John & Annelle Ballbach
Michelle Banducci
Leigh Barer
Dick Barker, Rebecca Bridges, Jessica  J. Barker
Lynne Barker
Richard Barker Family Fund
JB & Barb Barlow
Craig Barry
Brent Barsotti
Brian & Jennifer Barth
J. Eric Bartko++
Sharon Barto Gouran
Kristine & Stan Baty
Amy Bauer
Summer Bauer
Charles Baumgardner++
Gini & Mark Baumgardner
Matthew Baxter
BCRD Kids Camp
Michael Beck
Steven & Melody Beck
David & Judy Becker
Ruby & Peter Becker
Jody & Tom Beckwith
Renata & Fred Beguin
Jessica & Joel Bejot
J. Matt Bell
Julie Bell & Anthony Anderson
Karen Bell
Kathy Bell
Bellevue Elementary
Bellevue Public Library
Melanie Bemis
Jake Benda
Yolande Bennett
Carolyn & Donald Benson
Dell-Ann & Thomas Benson
Sarah & Chris Benson
Leslie Benz
Jani & Bob Bergdahl++
Alicia Bergerson
Tom Bergin
Kamie Berkey
Kathy & Steve Berman
Sara Berman & Ed Zinader
Elli & Jerry Bernacchi
Laura Bernard & John Cvetich
Deborah Berner
Victor Bernstein & Gail Landis
Jim Berry
Barbara & Joel Bickell
Fred & Gayle Bieker Family Fund in    the Idaho Community Foundation
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Tom Bigsby
Bigwood Bread
Sarah Bird & Nick Neely
Steve Bird
Jonathan Blacher
Tim & Christie Black++
Blaine County Charitable Fund
Blaine County Commissioners
Blaine County Housing Authority
Blaine County Probation
Blaine County School District
Blaine County Services
Arnold & Susan Blair
Jessica Blake
Ginny Blakeslee Breen & Michael        Breen
Tom & Florence Blanchard
Jim Blandford
Jerry Blank
Blank Family Foundation
Emmy Blechmann°
Maya Blix & Doug Ellsley
Jake & Ruth Bloom
Greg & Annie Bloomfield
Hugh & Kathleen Blue
Blue Oak Foundation
BlueFire Wildnerness Therapy
Michelle Bobbitt
Judith Bockman °
Wilbert* & Alice Boden
John Boehner
Rosmarie Bogner
Brooke Bonner° & Kyle Baysinger++
Radhika Bora++
Emily Border
Gary & Anne Borman++
Michael Bosse
Kathy & Joel Bostrom
Barbara Wallace Boswell°
Boswell Family Foundation
Dennis Botkin & Mary Hogan
Bottom Line Accounting
Leslie & Patty Boudwin
Debbie & Mike Bouiss
Boulder Mountain Clayworks
Boulder Mountain Tour
Bountiful Baskets
Stephanie Bourgette & Ken Grayson
David & Susan Boutelle
Archie Bouttier* & Helen Bonner
Megan Bowden
Boy Scouts of America
Amy Boyer & Dean Hernandez
Bobbie Boyer++
Perry Boyle & Lisa Ryan
Zaiden Boyle
Kathy Boylston
Jim Braatz
Christine & Randall Bracher
Neil Bradshaw & Ivana Radlova
Anita Braker & Dave Olsen
Branching Out Nursery
Ken & Rachel Brannon
Lucy Brannon
Mary K. Bray
Amy & Joel Brazil
Elizabeth Brennan
Martha Brennan
Robert & Penny Brennan
Graeme & Norah* Bretall
Kristine Bretall
John & Lindy Brewer
Julie Brewer
Jonathan Bricker
Deborah & Jason Brickley
Peter & Linda Brittingham++
Robert Brock & Nina Steffens
Broschofsky Galleries
Amanda Brown
Brian Brown
Jane Brown
Karen Brown
Mary Brown
Randall Brown
Richard Brown
Roger & Linda Brown
Whit Brown
Doris Brown Byerly
Paige Bruce
Anne & Mike Brunelle++
Martha Bryhn Partridge
Laurie & Rick Bryson
Charlie Bucciantini
Thomas Buck
Morgan Buckert & Paddy Mcllvoy
Maureen Buckner
Alyssa Buclaw
Terri & Dale Bullock
Rebecca Bundy++
Barry & Sylvia Bunshoft
Burke Family
Grayden & Heather Burnett
Lani Burns
Burns Family Foundation
Jan & Gerry Burrell
Dan & Kathleen Burton++
Billy & Mindy Bush
Bush Family Foundation
Scott Butler
Steve Butler++
Judy & Kevin Cahill°
Stephen Cahill
Robin Calderon
Calvary Bible Church
John Calvert & Alice Arnold Calvert
John Campbell
Pat Campbell*
Walter Campbell
Berit Campion & Dmytro Momedov
Theodore Waddell & Lynn Campion
Chantal Cannon
Capelet Consign, Inc.
The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
Lisa & Mark Caputo
Mary Ellen Card++
Leslie Cardoso
Scott & Laura Carlin
Carlos A. Cordeiro Foundation
Susan & Duane Carlson
Marty Carnevale & Ted McCoy
Ragna Caron
Nathalie Carrillo
Alyson Carroll++
Lenore & Mark Carroll
Danielle & Kenton Carruth
Peter & Amy Carse
Carson International
Janet Carter & Charlie Meyer++
Tom & Donna Carvey
Claire Casey
Lizard Cashin
Joni Cashman & Michael Dunham
Carol Casler
Kim & Andy Castellano
Debe Castillo
Joanna Castillo
Shannon & Mark Castrodale
Brian & Sandra Caulkins
Paul Cavallo & Christina Lane
Cavallo Custom Woodworks
Ann Cavanaugh
Todd Cavette
Marc Cervarich
Miriam Chaaban
Mary Chadez
Cory Chalmers
Kathryn Elizabeth Chalmers
Scott & Stephanie Chamberlain
Marsha Chandler
Dennis Chappel
Chapter One Bookstore
Elaine Charlat
Angela & Glen Charles
Charlie’s Produce
Wendy Chase
Roman Chavez & Rachel Schochet++
Oscar Chavez-Mendoza
Rick Cheng
Chenstein O’Malleysven Foundation
Guy Cherp
Gene & Elsie Cheston
Lauren Chiara
Chichester duPont Foundation
Stephanie & Jason Child
Drew Chilson & Adrienne Luegers
Nicole & Nathan Ching
Bihju Chiu
Susan Chizum
David Chojnacky
Sana Chowdhury
Ann Christensen
Christensen Family Foundation
Laurie Christian
Chrysalis Foundation
Lee Chubb
The Chubb / O’Connell Family++
Virginia Cirica
Montserrat Cisneros
City of Hailey
Sandra & Roch Clapp
Greg & Jill Clark
Mimi Clark
Stacey Clark
Lillian Clarke
Clear Creek Disposal
Clearwater Landscaping
Clearwater Power Equipment
Liese Clebsch-Dean & John Dean°
Doug & Linda Clemens
Lillian Clementi
Clif Bar
Tamera Clifford
Austin Cobb
Andrew Cockram
Barbara Coe
Buzz & Penny Coe
Earl & Sue Cohen
Linda & Leonard Cohen Fund of the Jewish Community Federation & Endowment Fund
Dena Cohen-Copeland
Charles & Carolyn Coiner
Carol Cole & James Rineholt
James Cole
Rebecca & Steve Cole
Dennis & Barbara Coleman
Damaris Colhoun
College of Southern Idaho
Bruce & Paula Collier
JoEllen Collins
Pam Collins
Wendy Collins & Billy Berkeley
Heather Colvin
Tatum Combs
Danae Commons
Community Campus
The Community Library
Community Loaves
Community Safety First
Jay & Mary Cone
Cydney Conger
Carissa Connelly
Susan Conner & Sam Adicoff
Kelly Connor
Kenzi Connor
Susanne Connor & Scott Schnebly
Jenni & Paul Conrad
Consign Design
Jeni Cook & Jen Douglas
Keith Cook
Sylvia & Bob Cook
Cookbook Restaurant
Clifton Cooper
Susan Cooper
Jack Copperman
Kathleen Corey
Katie & Scott Corkery
Kelly Corroon
Barbara & Charles Corwin++
Brandeis Coshow
Denise Cotter
The Covey
Annie Cowden
Cammie Cox
Carter Cox, Pat Owen, Piper & Tallulah
Jen Cox
Teresa Cox
Cox Communications
Brynn Coyle
Sophie & Derek Craighead
Britt Crea
Charles & Mary Crego
Jacki & Brandon Crego
Janet Crews
Krista Crews
The Crisis Hotline
Julia Crist
Roger & Susan Crist
Heather Crocker
Roberta Crockett
Kathy Crosson & Stuart Siderman
Michael & Robin Crotty
Susan & Gary Crowe
Jim & Anne Crumpacker
Sylvia Cunningham
Cathy & Bob Curran
Peter & Quin Curran
Rob Curran
Karen Curry++
Ellen Czeh
Tom & Lee Dabney
Donna Dadamo
Daniel & Sandra Dahl
Gretchen Dale
Kristen Daley++
Barbara & Paul Dali
Karen Daly
Trudy Dane
Dang’s Thai Cuisine
Gary & Patricia Darman
Hank Dart
Zana Davey-Greaves & Andrew Greaves++
Karin Davies
Everett & Mary Davis
Robin Davis
Davis Embroidery
Holly Davis-Haag & Grant Haag
Debra Dawahare
Anne & Michael Dawson++
Bridget Dawson
Steven Day
Lauren de Castro
Claire De Saint Phalle
Marc & Karen de Saint Phalle
Remy De Saint Phalle
Steve & Dolora Deal
John & Danni Dean
Kristen DeAngelo
Amanda Deaver & Thomas Andrews++
Deer Creek Fund
Mary & Steve Deffe
Michelle DeLateur
Daniel Delgado
Dr. Ricardo Delgado
Lauren DeMore
Joan & Roger Dermody
Jane Dettwiler
Rae Devito
Eva DeWolfe
Penelope & James DeYoung
Nirmita Dholakua
Ann di Buono
Christian Dick++
Karen & Kenneth Dickens
Ann Dickinson
Gabrielle & Justin Diedrick
Rose Mary Diedrick
Paige Dietrich
John & Debra Dimant
Peter Dinkelspiel
Ross Dinkelspiel
Mary Bridget Dippel
Nancy Ditz & Bruce Mosbacher
DL Evans Bank
Cindy & Sherwood Dodge
Phil & Ann Doerflein
Sharon Dohse
Jon & Susan Dolgen
Tamar Dolgen & Sergio Bicas
Kimrick & Wells Dolson
John Dominick
Kim & Ross Donald
Carey & John Dondero
Tom Donilon & Catherine Russell
Michael & Mary Ellen Donovan
Noronha-Dorai Family Fund
Steven Dorinson
Jay & Patricia Dorr
Paula & David Doub
Maureen Dougherty
Quentin Dowdle
Dan & Martine Drackett
Deanne Drake
Laura Drake & Chris Freeze
Nancy Drapeau
Breland Draper
Draper Family Foundation in the        Orange County Community  Foundation
Ranney & Priscilla Draper
James & Wendy Drasdo
Deb Dreher
Karoline Droege
Cory Drozdowski
Maria Dudunakis
Patty Duetting & Dick Hare & The  Hare Family
Doug Duncan
Tracy Dunlap & Steve Gower
Dan & Karen Dunn
Chris & Holley duPont
Gail Dwyer
Richard Dye
Dyer Family Foundation
Toby Eagan
Kathryn Earhart & Mark Kieckbusch
Robin & Sam East
Gareth Edel
Jerry Edelbrock & Jeri Howland++
Kathleen & Gerald Eder
Ann & Mark Edlen
Anne Edmondson++
Gadrie Edmunds & David Keir
Steven & Mia Edsall
Linda & Bob Edwards
Stanley Edwards
Maija & Alvin Eerkes
Jodie Egli-Smith
Catherine Ehrlich
Steve Eich
Carolyn Einerson
Robert & Jayne Elgee
Elizabeth A. Lynn Foundation
Elkhorn Ranch South
Brian & Melissa Elkins
Charles & Damian Ellis
Jamie Ellison
Ellison Foundation
Kimberly & Charles* Ellwanger
Jeff Emerick
Jenny Emery-Davidson & Mark Davidson
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Lindsay Emmer
Candace & Richard Emsiek
Jean Enerson & Bruce Carter Health & Wellness Fund at Seattle Foundation
Engel & Associates, LLC
Engel & Volkers Sun Valley
Earl & Sue Engleman
Michael Engl
Richard English & Anita Whelan
Environmental Resource Center
Lisa Eriksen
Dominik Erlebach
Ernie’s Organics
Joe & Judy Ernst
Mike & Katie Ernst
Jill & Mark Eshman
Marne Esselman
Danielle Essma
Sam Eurich
Howard Eustis
Elissa Eva
Gretchen & John Evans++
Juli Evans
Rich Fabiano
Joyce Fabre & Craig Randle
Meghan Faherty
LeAnn & Dick Fairfield
Leeann Fairfield
Bob Fallowfield
Family Medicine & Wellness
Shayan Farooqi
Dick & Diana Fassino++
Ellen Fastow
Barbara Fayne
Scott Featherstone
Pam Feld
Carl Feldbaum
Jim Feldbaum & Melinda Lebowitz
Richard & Kelly Feldman
Andrey Feldshteyn
James Felsenthal
Krista Felton
Layne & Linda Felton
Patti Felton
Shawn Fenwick
Joan Ferenczy
Christine Ferguson
Nancy & Charles Ferries
Claudia Fiaschetti
Richard Fife & Theresa Handley
Jim & Sandy Figge
Bobbi Filbert
Diana & Rick Filkins
Fred & Randi Filoon
Renoir Finizio
Mary Finlayson
Julie Firestone
First Interstate Bank
First Presbyterian Church
Josie Arias
Glenn Fisk++
Mike & Linda Fitzgerald
Ann Flannery
Meghan Flanz
John & Sandra Flattery
Neil Fleishon & Ellen Suter
Mike & Jane Flinn
Flora School Education Center
Flourish Foundation
Debra, Marybeth & Susan Flower
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Ginny & Peter Foreman
James & Jennifer Forese
Edward Forman & Janet Swanberg
Janna Fornero
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Stephanie & Hod Fowler
Jim Fredricksen
Freedom Bible Church
David Freeman
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Charley French
Elaine & John French
John Frey & Jane Letourneau
Margery & Woody Friedlander
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Fruehling Family Charitable
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Ralph Fullerton & Myra Friedman
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Julie & Brian Gallagher
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Kathleen & Richard Gariepy
Steven & Bonnie Garman
Andrea Garrison
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Mack & Ann Gasaway++
Erin Gathrid
Manon Gaudreau & Aubrey Stephens++
Gazelle, Inc.
Kate Geagan
John Geiger
Susan Gellen++
The Geoffrey John Isles Charitable Fund at Vanguard Charitable
Bernadette A German
Barbara & Stephen Gerrish
Donna & Jon Gerstenfeld++
Mary & Matthew Gervase++
Ernest & Judith Getto
Marlow Geuin
Kathleen Gherman
Susan Giannettino & James Keller
George & Kathy Gibson
Robert Gieselmann
Kris Gilarowski
Courtney Gilbert & James Keating
Deb & Robert Gilbert
Christy Giles
Darin Gillespie
Cortney & Ythzel Gillett
L’Anne & Nick Gilman
Patty & Ben Gilman
Sara & Mike Gilman++
Stephen Gilman
Gilman Contemporary, LLC
Jon Gilmour
Allison & Dan Gingrich
George Giroux & Linda Anderson++
Glen & Angela Charles Family Foundation
Scott & Carol Glenn
Elizabeth Massey & Olin Glenne
Jennifer Glesne
Fred Gloor
Sanjiv Godse
Ellen Goebel
Leonora & Adam Gogolak
Naomi Goldberg
Lee & Janice Golden
Morley & Deana Golden
Kathryn Goldman & Carl Evenson
Goldman Sachs
The Goldmine
Cathy & Phil Goldstein
Berenice Gonzalez
Joy Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez
Good Works Institute, Inc.
Norie & Stuart Goodell
Gary & Nancy Goodenough
Charlie & Linda Goodyear
Molly! Goodyear
Amanda Gordon
Ezmaralda Gordon
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Michael Gordon & Sara Sheehy++
Sara Gorham
Roger & Margi Gould
Kathie & Rich Gouley
Connie Grabow
John & Laura Grabow
Joel & Marcee Graff
Corey Graham
Jay Graham & Eileen Hansen
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Jed & Fran Gray
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Sarah & Antony Gray
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Tatyana Gray++
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Kathy Grotto++
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Jenny & Graham Guest++
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Harris Foundation
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Jude Hawkes & Charlie Pomeroy
Francie & Mike Hawkey
Keith Hawkins
Happy Hawn
Hope Hayward & Walter Eisank
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Heart of Gold Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation
Amara Hecht
Margaret Hecht
Marya Hecht
Peter & Jenny Heekin
One Love Foundation
Brian Heighington
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Chris & Sasha Heinz
Heinz Family Foundation
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Helios Foundation Betsey Thomson
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Rebekah Helzel
Tyler & Amery Hendricks++
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Geri Herbert
Maria Hernandez
Patrick & Beth Heron
Heron Family Foundation
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The Hesselbacher Family
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Foundation++
Arianne & Joshua Heyser
Alison Higdon & Peter Boice
Tim Higley
Craig & Sandra Hill
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Greg & Marcia Hines
Jan Hines
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Mary Kate Hjorten
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Susan Holley
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Wendy & Greg Hosman
Hospice of the Wood River Valley
Justin & Maureen Hotard
Hotel Ketchum
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Todd & Sarah Howe
Mark Howland
HRH Foundation
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Hans & Inge Hub
The Huckleberry Fund at Seattle Foundation
Beverly Huff Hayfield
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Blair & Cynthia Hull
Hull Family Foundation
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Glenn & Linda Hunter
Shirley Huntington
Daniel & Barbara Hurlbutt
Irene Hurtado
Monica Hurtado
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Chrissie & Phil Huss
David & Georgia Hutchinson
I Have a Dream Foundation- Idaho
Idaho Community Foundation
The Idaho Foodbank
Idaho Food Bank Fund
Idaho Lumber
Idaho Power
Idarado Media
Immigrant Justice Idaho
Maggie Ingram
Sara Innes Davis
InterMountain Auto Glass & Body
Tom Iselin & Sara Giacobbi°
Itty Bitty Farms
J. McLaughlin
J.W. Thornton Wine Imports
Jeannette Jackson
Angela Jacoby
Eric Jaffe
Deborah James
Terri James & Benton Krumpe
James Deering Danielson Foundation
James M. Cox Foundation
James Phillips
Jane’s Artifacts
Jim & Wendy Jaquet
Jay Hedrick Painting
Anne Jeffery & Jack Sept
Buncy Jeffrey
Elizabeth Jeffrey
Courtney & Ron Jelaco
Martha & Ross Jennings
Kris Jensen
Leif & Brie Jensen
Richard Jeo
Jersey Girl
Jill Eshman Law
Sandra Jimenez
Joan Leidy Foundation
Phoebe Johannessen
Diane Johns
Scott Johnsen
Connie & Charles Johnson
David & Chrissy Johnson
Debbie & Jerry Johnson
Jean Johnson & Peter Miller
Johnson Family Fund of the Ayco Charitable Foundation
Kathy Johnson*
Kimberlee Johnson
Laura & Craig Johnson++
Mark Johnson
Michele & Bernie Johnson
Tim & Candy Johnson
Virginia Johnson
Michael & Susan Johnston
Jonathan & Susan Dolgen Family Foundation
Allen Jones & Rebecca Michael
Carole Jones
Richelle Jones
Ruth Gaylord Jones
Sherry & Dale Jones
Trent & Cecile Jones
Jamie Jordan
Josephine Jordan
Laura & Scott Jordan
Nicole Jordan
Janice Jorgensen
Laura Jorgenson
Andrew Joseph
Chipper & Bill Joseph
Stan & Harriet Joseph
Linette Joyner
Julie Ann Wrigley Foundation
Diane & John* Kahm°
Linda & Robert Kahn
Tami & Skip Kammer
Randi & John Kanellitsas
Tracy Kanowsky
Bridget & Rick Kapala
Leslie Kaplan
Emily & Steven Karassik
David & Colleen Kassner
Chris & Rebecca Kastner
Cynthia Kay
Judith Teller Kaye & David Kaye
Griffyn & Morghan Kearney
Gail Kearns++
Gerry & Kaye Kearns°
Steve Kearns & Cynthia Woolley
Kearns, McGinnis & Vandenberg, Inc.
Carleton Keck
Becki & Steve Keefer++
Kathryn Keefer Reynolds
Liz Keegan & Gina Luke
Mike Keenan
Vivienne Kellem++
Carla Kelly
Kerri Kelly
Kemmerer Family Foundation
Nelda & Bob Kendall
Sam & Nancy Kennette
Marcia Kent & Frank Halverson*
Linda Kenyon
Rob Kessler
Ketchum Kitchens
Jeff Keys
Dev Khalsa
Nicole Kidd
Eric Kiel & Shanti LaRue
Ted & Diane Kiel
Linn Kincannon & Erik Schultz++
Thomas King
Anndel Kininmonth & Bruce Smith
Bill & Sue Kirby++
Nancy Kirby
Christine Kirby Pfau
Landon Kirk
Ethan Kjesbo
Trish Klahr & Lee Melly
Sandy & Tom Kling
Leeza Klock
Deborah Knapp
Tony Knapp
Jake Kneller
Susan Kniffen
Alisa Knight
Carol Knight
Janette Knight
Orla & Lloyd Knight
Knob Hill Inn
Karin Knott
Emily & Tayt Knowles
H.L. & Barbara Knowles
Sandy Koenig
Nathan & Tenaya Kolar++
Chris Kolb
Antha Koonce
Ella Kopplin
Malie & Matt Kopplin
Michele Korkowski
Michael Korsonsky++
Jane Korzen & Mike Adamson
Crystal Kotzen
Richard Kovner++
Christine Kraatz
Sherry & Larry Kraay
Kraay’s Market & Garden
Susan Kraemer
Kent Kreitler
Peter & Bonnie Kremer
Sarah Krimm
Kathy Kristenson
Mark & Michelle Krogh
Bill & Lynn Kronberger
Barbara Kruse
Jack & Marie Kueneman
Simcha Kuritzky
Cathy Kurtz
Suzanne Kwapich
La Cabanita
Lucyanna Labadie
Patricia Labonte
Amanda LaChance
Whittnee & Kevin LaChapelle
Teresa & Kevin Laird
Lallman, Felton, Peterson & Pierce,    P.A.
Cici Lam
Kerry Lamb
Jane Lamont
Leonard & Ruth Lamoureux
Tom & Lisa Lampl
Michael & Sharon Landau
Amy & Rob Landis
Landmark Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Deborah Landrum
Jeremy Lange
The John H. & Andrea B. Laporte Charitable Gift Fund at T. Rowe Price Charitable
Bart Lassman & Evan Stelma++
Jean & Nick Latham
Vanessa Laureano
Chris Lavalle
Robert & Deborah* Law
Mitch Lawn
Lawson, Laski, Clark & Pogue, PLLC
Michael & Lisa Leach
Thomas Leach
Bob & Robin Leahy
Silvia Leal
Robin Leavitt & Terry Friedlander°
Luis Lecanda
Gretchen Lee
Woo Lee
Tom Leeming
Rick & Terri LeFaivre
Casey LeFever
Lefty’s Bar & Grill
Kerri Legaspi
John & Barbara Lehman
Laurie & Chris Leman
Lisa Lent & Johannes Gnauck
Steve Lentz
Michael Leon & Leslee Dart
Don Leonard & Kathy Mallane
Leonard H. McIntosh Foundation
Ann Leonardo
LeRoy’s Ice Cream
Les Schwab
Stefani Lesser
Jami Lettice
Lauren Levig
Debra & Jack Levin
Karen Levin
Stephen Levin
Kathie Levison++
Dan & Stacey Levitan
Judy Levy
Ruth Lewinski
Kenneth Lewis & Joyce Hart
Penny Lewis
Bill Leyrer
Abbigale Liberatore
Cara Liberatore
Chloe Lichtenberg
Jamie & Andrea Lieberman
Don & Marcia Liebich
Ruth Lieder*°
Jay Lien
Sheila & Ray Liermann
The Life Church++
Light on the Mountains Spiritual Center
Steve Lillienstein
Kathy & Wally Limburg
Wyatt Limburg
Patti Lindberg
LeeAnne & Chris Linderman
Georgie Lindquist
Glenn Lindsley & Leslie Henning
Logan Lindstrom
Richard & Sharon Linville
Teresa & David Lipman
Jeanne & Tom Liston
Vance & Virginia Liston
Dean Litchfield
Karen Little
Wendy Little
Irv & Trudy Littman
Karina Lizarraga
Jeff & Jamie London
Ali Long
Patrick Long
Janet Longe
Marc & Mary Longley
Rob Lonning
Lookout Farm
Isaac Loomis
Courtney Loving
Carol Lowe
Geegee Lowe
Jo & Bill Lowe
James Loyd & Jamie Marks-Loyd
Lorie Luber
Alison Lufkin
Elise B. Lufkin
David Luhr
Lululemon Athletica
Ken Luplow & Patty McCarrick
Zachary & Andrea Luria
Tyler Lykins
Lyndsay & Christopher Lyle
Linda Lynch
Michael Lynch & Jeanne Keenan Lynch
Moira Lynch
Rebecca Lynn
Marty & Mila Lyon
Thomas & Alicia Lyon
Annie Maccarthy
April & Robert Macleod++
Linda Madsen
Skylar Maguire
Diane Maier
Robert Main
Jon & Leslie Maksik
Mary & Stephen Malkmus
Abbie & Chris Mallory++
Deborah Malone
Thomas Mandel
Maneval Reister Conard Family Foundation
Pamela Mann & Mark Miller
Harlee Manning
Jason Marenda
Amy Mares
Sangeetha Marimuthu
Joseph & Carol Marini
Mario & Alma Pastega Family Foundation
Amy & Larry Marschand
Marie Marsh
Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.
Woody Marshall & Cynthia Carroll
Amy Martin
Arjuna Martlin
Hollyn & Sean Martin
Michelle Martin
Scott Acker & Sandie Martin
Martin Djos Family Foundation
Martine & Dan Drackett Family Foundation, Inc.
Juan Martinez
Stephanie & Jon Marvel
Mark & Lisa Mary
Lauren Marziliano
The Mascheroni Family
Denna Masitoh
Morgan Masner
Jane Mason
Pamela Mason Davey & Marc Mason
Melissa Masucci & Chris Hansen
Brad Mathews
Elizabeth Mathieu
Matt Bogue Real Estate++
Chad Matteson
Lisa Mattia
Amber & Mike Mattias
Amy Mattias
Leslie Mauldin
Alysia May
Janet & James Mayfield
Penny & Chris Mazzola
Susan & David McBryant
Amy McCabe
Claudia McCain
Elaine McCambridge
Anita & Michael McCann
Murray & Mary Sue McClain
Jamie Mcclure
Ben McCoy & Jan Armstrong
Roberta Mccrerey
Dan Mccrevey
Kevin McDonagh
Rain & David McDonald
Grace McFarland
Erin & Lisa McGinnis
Teresa McGoffin & AJ Bray
Susan McGough
Bobbie McGowan++
Donna McKay
Emily Mckenzie
James Mclaren
Jim & Willa McLaughlin
John McLaughlin
Kailee McLean & Shannon Hodges
David & Lila McLeod
Kristin McMahon
Brenda & Paul McMahon
Jack McNamara
JR & Katrina McNeal
Jeffrey McNee & Leslie Manookian
Callie McNeil
William & Victoria McNichols
Kathryn McPherson
Carol Mctigue
Joan Meadows
Larry & Mindy Meads
Sara Meeks
The Meinekes
Maria Melendrez
Robin Meller
Jerry & Sheila Mells
Donald Melton
Jonna Mendes
Sherly Mendez
Migdaelma Mendez Cuadros
Maria Mendoza
Teofila Mendoza
Men’s Second Chance Living
Ralph & Gayle Meredith
Lynn Merrill Gray
Frances Metheny++
Marshall & Judith Meyer
Jeanne Meyers ++
Carlos & Annia Meza++
Fran Michael
Tom Michael & Katherine Shaugnessy-Michael
Michael & Irene Healy Charitable Fund
Michael Doty Associates Architects
Michael S. Engl Family Foundation
Heidi Mickelson
Joe Miczulski & Angie Rayborn
Laura & David Midgley
Nancy & Jeffrey Mihalic
Elva Mikdaycik
Russ Mikel
Judith Milazzo
Jay Miller
Jim & Margaret Miller
Kathryn Miller
Larry Miller
Max Miller
Nicholas & Sylvia Miller
Miller Kaplan Arase, LLC
Dillon Mills
JoDee Mills
John & Mary Mills++
John Milner & Kim Taylor++
Leslie J Mincks
The Mint
Jami Miscik & Jose Lozano
Thomas & Joy Mistele
Jerry & MaryBeth Mitchell
Susan Mitchell
Louisa Moats & Stephen Mitchell
Courtney Modaff
Bill Modrcin
Diane & Peter Mohn
Susan Monac
Bradley Monash
Tom & Cindy Monge
Rebecca Mongeau
Carol Monteverde
Jennifer Montgomery°
Mary & Ted Moore
Mike Moore
Jenny Mooseau
Andres Morales Lopez
Cathy Moratto
John Moreland++
Glenn Moreton
Martha Morgenthau
Helen & Wally Morgus
Marlen Morgus
Robert Morgus
Jennifer Morris
John & Cherie Morris
Kyra Morris
Pamela Morris & Gerald Seiffert
Rebecca Morris
Rhonda Morris
Richard Morris
Gerry Morrison & Julie Weston
Bill & Carrie Morrow
Cheryl Morse
Duncan & Kristen Morton
Denise Moss
Laurie & James Moss
Tom & Shannon Moss
Riley & Timothy Mott
Amanda Moulton
Janice Moulton
Mountain Humane
Mountain Land Design
Mountain Rides
Mountain West Bank
Mountains of Learning Fund
Chad Moxley
Toni Moxley
Andy Munter & Janet Kellam
Joshua Murdock
Mary Murphey
Kingsley & Cynthia Murphy
Marion & Andrew Murphy++
Mike Murphy
Jan Murray
Carol & David Mutzel
My Sun Valley Home LLC
Scott Myers
Heather Myrick-Arnold & Ben Arnold
Katherine Nalen
Skip Nalen
Nalen Foundation
Brenda Nancarrow
Nancy & John Goldsmith Family Foundation
Nancy Eccles & Homer M. Hayward Family Foundation
Native Landscapes
Natural Grocers
Denice Nava & Ernesto Cisneros
Susan Neaman
Cresta Nebre
Ron Needle
Jonathan & Rebecca Neeley
Kim Neill & Robert Wright
Jane Nelson
Kurt Nelson
Paula Nelson
Regan Nelson
James Nemecek°
Mark & Ronni Neumann
Tom Neustaetter
Judith Nevins & Samuel Bell
David & Lana Newcomer
Holbrook Newman & Geoffrey John Isles
Camron Newton++
QuocHung Nguyen
Tracey Nichols
Jonas Nicholson
William Nicholson & Linda Brower
Roland Nickerson
Nicole Snyder Interiors, LLC
Carol Nie
Alexandra Niederauer
Amy Nilsen
Allison Nimmo
Diane Nini
Shannon Nini
Bart & Barbara Noble
Joseph Noecker
Jen Noel
Norman C. Schultz Foundation
Adrian Norris
Ed & Carmen Northen++
Jeanne Nowak
Jay & Louise Noyes
Meagan Nye
Shannon O’Hara
Michael & Esther Ochsman
Ochsman Foundation
Cassie O’Crowley
Ohana Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation
Dayle Ohlau
Femi Olasupo
Al & Kathy Oliver
Jane & Tom Oliver++
Myrna Oliver
Oliver Family Charitable Fund
Isai Olivera Mendoza
Carol O’Loughlin
Jeanne Olsen
Marylou Olsen
Emery Olson
Hayden Olson
Julie Olson
Mckay Olson
Roger & Kathryn Olson
Ron Olson
Stefanie ONeill
Blake & Carri O’Neill
Kelly O’Neill
Corinne Onetto
Marc & Sally Onetto
Philippe Onetto & Allyse Goehring
Jack & Margaret Oosting
Orange County Community Foundation
Alex & Suzanne Orb
Robert Ordal
Ally Orihuela
Mariela Orihuela
Theresa Orison
Jacqueline Ornelas
Mac Orourke
Shannon Orr
George Osborne Jr.
Tess O’Sullivan & Jeremy Fryberger
Craven Young & Karen Oswalt
Erin & Maeve O’Toole++
Outlaw Sports – Juan Martinez
Pat Owen
Rosemarie Owen
Jennifer Paaske
Valdi Pace
Brooke Pace McKenna & Mike McKenna
Cameron Packer
Hope Page
Kathleen Page
Tom & Molly Page
Page Foundation
Bonnie Paine
James & Melanie Paisley
Estrella Paredes
Graciela Paredes
Nancie Park
Tana Parke++
Bob Parker
Bruce Parker
Linda Parker & Frederic Gray
Susan Parkinson
Andy & Kate Parnes
Valeri Parrish
Analia Passey
Susan Passovoy & Bob Kaplan
Candice & Josh Pate
Barbara Pathak
Roció Paucar
Paul Kenny & Matt Bogue Real Estate
Cydney & John Pearce
Garry & Suzie Pearson
Marcelle Pearson
Margo Peck
Peco Foundation
Sofia Pellar
William & Deborah Peppo
Kathy & John Percival
Maria Perea
Mindy & Bill Pereira
Enid Perel
Jose Perez
Sara Perez
Susan & Reuben Perin
Jim Perkins
Perlstein Foundation
Perry’s Restaurant
Gerri Pesch
Jake & Trina Peters
Sue Petersen++
Judy Peterson
Nicholas & Erika Pettinger
Ben & Sara Pettit
Lynea & Justin Petty
Maura & Greg Pfeiffer
Kathleen Phelan & Jim Britt
Jan Philipsborn & Mitch Hollins
James & Evelyn Phillips
Peter Phillips
Richard Phillips
Andrea Piccininni
Gary Pickenpaugh
Emma Pietsch
Marcia Pillon
April Piña
Alli Frank & Scott Pinizzotto
Julia Pinney
Pioneer Federal Credit Union
Bob & Judy Pittman
Stephanie Pittman
Thomas Pittman
Planned Parenthood
Terry Player
Carol Plummer
Maria Pollan
Randall & Sheila Pollock
Kathy Ponce
Gina & Robert Poole
Thomas Poole
La Posada Tax Clinic
Connie Post
Craig & Alison Poulsen
Katie Powell & Donald Hodge
Tom Praggastis & Michelle Dumke Praggastis
Prairie Sun Farm
Pete & Molly Prekeges
Presbyterian Church of the Big Wood
Maureen & Peter Pressley
Karissa Price
Priority One Home Cleaning
Jack & Joy Prudek
Collett Pruitt
Amy Pullen
Pure Sun Valley
Queen’s Crown Ranch
Troy & Susie Quesnel
George H. Quester
Quigley Farm
Janice Quinn
Stephen Quinn
Quinn Family Foundation, Inc.
Susie Quinn Fortner
Pat & Pam Rainey
Jennifer Rangel
Miguel Rangel
Amy Rappa
Swati Rath
Arielle Rawlings
Pat Rawlinson
RBC Wealth Management
Marylee Reagle
Ariella Rebbi
Red Door Home + Design
The Red Shoe
Red Star Kitchen
The Reeves Family
Andrea & David Reid
Estelle & Les Reid
Tedde & Jim Reid
Millie Reidy
Marc & Chris Reinemann
Linda Reiss
Jane Reister-Conard & Richard Maneval++
Renaissance Charitable Foundation
Margaret Renfranz
Betsy & Bob Reniers
Marline Rennels°
Kerry Renner
Burton Reno
Jenna Resko
James Reynolds
John Reynolds & Claudia Tattersall
Diane Rice
Jim & Cheryl Rice
Richard & Patricia Bruder Foundation
Richard K. & Shirley S. Hemingway  Foundation
Elizabeth Richards
Howard Richards
Jay Richardson++
Nancy R. Richter
Rico’s Pizza & Pasta
Mindy Rider
Pamela Ridgway
Marsha Riemann
Linda & Paul Ries
Andrea Rifkin
Lynne Riggen
Nan Riley*
Alain & Karla Rinckwald
Carlyn Ring
Phoebe Rinkel
Lee Ritzau
River Farm
Riverence Farms
Katherine Rixon & Rob Cronin
George & Jane Rizzo
Keith & Laurie Roark++
Robert A. & Margaret C. Houston  Family Foundation
Beverley Robertson
Deb Robertson & Jeff Lamoureux++
Rick Robertson++
Ruth Robertson
Sarah & Bill Robertson
Brent & Bev Robinson
Matt Robinson
Ronile & Leroy Robinson
Sabrina Roblin
Hannah Robson
Andrea Roche
Anna & Joseph Rodriguez
Christopher L Rodriguez
Steven Roesch
Eric Rogers & Eleanor Jewett
Robert & Beth Rohe
Diego Roig
Emilia Rojas
Mary Rolland°
Paul Rollins
Jonathan Roman & Ellen Usenik
Stephen & Juliette Romano++
White Green
Carolyn Rooney Richter Kelemen
Diego Rosales
Rosalie & Harold Rae Brown Charitable Foundation
Scott Lewis & Laura Rose-Lewis Fund of Oregon Community Foundation
Doug Rosen
Joan Rose-Palacios
Brian Ross
Brian Ross & Susan Reinstein++
Nadja Rossellen
Leslie Rossillon
Bob & Kate Rosso
Char Roth
Janie Rothschild
The Rothschild Family Charitable Foundation
Larry & Nina Rothstein
Rothstein Mishkin Foundation
Katie Rousey++ °
Kim Roush
Linda Rowe
RL Rowsey++
Robert & Shellie Rubel
Allan Rubin
Isaac Rubinstein
Dena Ruffalo
Litay Ruggles
Efi Ruiz
Andrea Ruiz Loera
Elizabeth Ruiz Loera
Roxanne Ruiz & Ben Garcia
Andrea & Tom Rule
Rochelle Runge
Allen & Diana Russell
Richard & Corrine Rutkowski
Esther Rybak
S. Erwin Excavation
S.A. Huish Family Fund
Michelle & Craig Sabina
Robert & Lynda Safron
The Sage School
Sean Saikaly
Jan Sajwaj
Darin Sales
Salesforce.com, Inc.
Dagmar & Ray Salmon
The Salvation Army
Paula Salyers
Stephanie & Clay Sammis
Reid Sanborn
Esmeralda Sanchez
Mateo Sanchez
Tony Sanchez
Anne & Dave Sanders
Sandy & Jodi Sanders
Shakirra Sanders
Roger & Kathy Sanger
Sangham Foundation
Anurag Sansal
Rob & Deb Santa
Julie & Preston Sargent
Beth Sas
Sage Sauerbrey
The Sauerbrey Family
Saw Island Foundation
Barbara Sawicz
Sawtooth Botanical Garden
Susan Scannell
Lynn Schaefer
Janet Schaumburg
Carol Scheifele & Ben Holmes
Barbara Scher
Heidi Schiers
Len & Phyllis Schlessinger
Gary Schmidt
Christine Schnebly
Kim Schneider
Wendy Schoessler
Thad Scholes
Megan Schooley
Keith Schottenfeld
Nikki Schreiber
Tom & Jill Schriber
Justin Schug
Norman Schultz & Laurie Hall
Rhea Schwartz & Paul Wolff
Schwartz-Wolff Foundation
Stacie Schwarz
Greg Scott & Dorothea Cheney
Shelly Scott
Cayman Seacrest
Seattle Foundation
Casey Sedlack
David Seelos
Jaedon Sell
Suzanne Sellers
Caroline & David Selman
Arnaud Seninge
Ann & Irwin Sentilles
Emily & Charley Sentilles
Sarah Sentilles & Eric Toshalis++
Gail Severn
Clark & Sara Shafer
Shamrock Foods
Carol & Les Shanahan
Alexis Shapiro
Yume Shapiro++
Sanjay Sharma
Katie Shaw
Kim & Robert Shaw
David & Nancy Sheffner
Barbara & Richard Shelton
Carol Shephard
Nancy & John Shepherd
Don Shepler & Erin Zell
Aunt Jenn & Uncle Greg
Shannon Shields & Frank Batcha
Josiah Shinn
Rachel Shinn
Ron Shoemaker
Grace Shows
Denise Shull & William T. Long
Claire Siderman
Neil & Julie Siegel
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Leslie & Tim Silva++
Frankie Silveira
Silverhawk Sun Valley, LLC
Clayton & Susan Simmers
Mary Simms
Matthew Simms
Sophia Simms
Hetty Simon Morgan
Lili Simpson & Edward Wheeler
Amy Sinclair
Pavandeep Singh
Ben & Hilary Sinnamon
Devoll Sino
Max Sinsheimer
Sirius Fund// Ginny & Peter Foreman
Keith Sivertson
Jackie Skaf
Dana & Paul Skillern
Meredith Skillman & Josiah Rosser
Whitney Slade
Jim Slanetz & Karin Reichow
Patrica & Col. Charles P. Sloan
Scott Slonim
Barbara Slough
Alison Smart
Annette Smith
Jared Smith
Kellilynn Smith
Matthew Smith
Pete & Becky Smith
Steven Smith
Vicki & Paul Smith
William & Linda Smith
Richard Smooke
Steven Snapp++
Allan & Claire Snyder
Evan Sofro
John Sofro
Marji & Stephen Sofro
Hans Sohlstrom & Nancy Kercheval
Janet Sommer++
Pamela Soper
Cassandra Sotelo
Souper Supper
South Central Community Action
South Central Public Health District
The Space
Denis Spackman
Barbara Spallino
Joe & Cindy Sparks
Naomi & Matt Spence
Amy Spinney
Becca & Jeremiah Splaine
Springcreek Foundation
Melinda & Dick Springs
Spur- an anonymous DAF
Spur- Baker Family Fund
Spur Community Foundation
Spur- Rixon & Cronin Charitable Fund
Squash Blossom Farm
Roger Squier
St. Charles Catholic Church
St. Luke’s Center for Community Health
St. Luke’s Nutritionists
St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation
St. Luke’s Wood River Medical Center
St. Thomas Playhouse
Samantha Stahlnecker
Jennifer Stamps
Shana Stanton
Jeff & Sherry Steinberg
Nicki Steinberg
Alyssa M. Steinman Memorial Fund
Al & Nancy Steinmetz
Lisa Stelck & Bill Boeger
Stephanie Reed Real Estate
Peter Stephenson
Sterling Realty Organization
Julia & David Stevens
Kathleen Stevens
Brett Stevenson
Gayle & Alan Stevenson
John & Elizabeth Stevenson
Megan & Justin Stevenson
Paul Stevenson & Megan Davis
Stevenson Family Investment Fund John, Elizabeth, Brett & Justin Stevenson
Mark & Margaret Stewart
Mary-Kristin Stiles
Carol Stilz
Evan Stokdyk
Betsy Barrymore Stoll
Bob & Betty Stone
Helen Stone & Ben Schepps
Nan & Larry Stone
Gary & Janis Storey
Sloan Storey
Ben & Robin Story
Patricia Strainic
Doug & Nancy Strand
Laurie Strand
Diana & Steve Strandberg Family Foundation
Strandberg Family Foundation
Penelope Street
Luke Strong-Cvetich
Jacqueline & Calvin Strope
Trent & Louise Stumph
David & Maggie Sturdevant
Sturtevants Limelight Hotel Cycling Team
Trish Sudlow
Bill & Gayle Sullivan
Roger Sullivan
Summit Apartment
Sun Valley Bronze
Sun Valley Community School
Sun Valley Fire Department
Sun Valley Garden Center
Sun Valley Institute for Resilience
Sun Valley Museum of Art
Sun Valley Music Festival
Sun Valley Resort
Sun Valley Rug & Tile
Sun Valley Services
Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation
Sun Valley Title
Sun Valley Tour de Force
Sun Valley Trust
Suns Foundation
Sunset Natural Farms
Cindy Sura
Susan Hall Design
Rob Sutcliff
Suzanne Sutherland
Ruth Sutton
SV Painting & Finishes
Donna Svei
SVSEF Rota Rippers
Marissa Swain
Michael & Jacqueline Swan++
Amy & Rob Swanson
Janice Swanstrom
Tricia Swartling
Griffin Sweeney Foundation at the Seattle Foundation
Carol Swig
Swig Foundation
Alyson Swindley
Mary Ann & Joseph C. Syms
Syringa School
Sandor & Teri Szombathy
T Pfau Property Management
Susan Tabor Boesch & Rudy Boesch
Sara Taggart
Kunal Tailor
Tom Talling
Denise Tate
Nancie Tatum & Thomas Hennig
Doug & Ann Taylor
Malinda Taylor
Melodie Taylor-Mauldin
Janet & Walter C. Teagle III
Tom Teitge
Emily & Tom Teller
Jocelyn Tennille
Jacqui & Joey Terra
Jennifer Terra
Robert Tetik & Debra Town
Penny Thayer
Dave Theobald
Corneil Therrien
Cora Thomas
Lauren Thomas++
Peter & Nancy Thomas
Suzanne Thomas
Juanita & Paul Thompson & Christina Adams
Lacie Thompson
Terri Thompson
Betsey Thomson
Erica & Eric Thorson
Barbara Thrasher & Rick Koffey°
Thrasher Koffey Foundation
Susan Thurston
Thurston Charitable Foundation Susan Thurston
Kiki Tidwell
Kirsta Tierney
Tom & Elizabeth Tierney++
Allen & Anita Tigert
Anna Tillman
Janie Tillotson
Lisa Tilney
Barbara Timmons
William & Diane Tingue
Balmoral Titans
Bobby Todd
Anne Tokareff
Sid* & Cynda Tomlinson
Gabriela Torres
Debra & David Town
Danielle Travers
Nancy Tremann
Erica Tripard
Kenneth Troope
Edward Troxler
Amy Trujillo
Karen & Bruce Truxal
Pamela & Richard Tucker
Jeff & Pilar Tumolo
Kristin Turco
Abby Turk
Sarah Twichell
Katie & Julian Tyo
Caryn & Robert Tyre
Judy Tyson
Lois & Mark Ukropina
Jane Ulrich
Charlotte Unger°
United States Forest Service- SNRA
United Way of South Central Idaho
Stephanie Unterhaslberger
Taylor U’Sellis
Phil & Susan Usher°
Victoria Valdez
Rosa Valencia
Valley Apothecary
Townes Van Der Meulen
Zula Van Der Meulen
Deb & Tucker Van Law
Tryntje & Tim Van Slyke
Bree Vanden Heuvel
Kat & Dan Vanden Heuvel
Annie & Victor Vandenberg
Ann & William Vanderbilt
Vanderbilt Family Foundation
Emily & Jesse Vanderhoof
Glin Varco
Suzanne Vass
Alexandra Vaughan
Jimmie & Jessie Vaughan
Vaughan W. Brown Family Foundation
Vault, LLC
Marco Vazquez
Dolores Vega
Jane Vergari
Linda H. Vick
Mike Vigil & Ross Dinkelspiel
Deborah Vignes
Christie & David Vik
Joel & Jeanne Vilinsky
Village Market
Araceli Villicana
Linda & Gary Vinagre
The Vista Foundation
John Vladimiroff & Wanda Tierney
Vocational Rehabilitation
Fred & Jill Vogel
Lee Vogt
Jason & Leslie Vontver
Amy Vorhees
Waddell Fine Art
Diana & Karl Wadsack
Gretchen Wagner & Erik Leidecker
Lauren Wagner & Robert Meyers
Jennefer Walden++
Stephen Wall & Nancy Crandall
Elizabeth Wallace & Frederick Allington
John & Ellen Wallace
Stephanie Wallace
Maddy Waller
Walmart Foundation
Candy & Jay Walton
JH Walton Family Fund at the Boston Foundation
Kirk Wampler
Carmen & Jim Ward
Cindy & Kenny Ward
Eleanor & John Ward
Julie & Jeff Ward
John Arnold Waring
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“It’s a totally different world.”

Longtime friend of The Hunger Coalition, Mike agreed to be one of three faces painted in a mural by Rafael Blanco. His first reaction to the artwork? A grin and a joke about the artist giving him a unibrow.

Mike said, “How can you have a bad day when you see something like that? It just makes your day that much better. My mother would roll over in her grave.” When asked what he’s most excited about at the new Food Center, he said, “I want to break in that new kitchen. I’m excited to cook in the kitchen instead of cookin’ on a tailgate. I can fix something and say, how do you like it? I’d love to do some dutch oven cooking, some bread, so many different options.”



“This was one of the greatest moments of my career.”

Muralist, Rafael Blanco was born in Spain and now lives in the Chicago area. He’s world-renowned for his portrait work and one of the more likable, down to earth people you could meet.

Rafael said, “This painting, it is not me. It is Mike. It is Hadi. It is Denice. It is The Hunger Coalition. That’s what I love about public art. I can’t take this painting home. What I take home is the experience of painting here this week. That is the most amazing thing about public art.

When I came to this country, I was amazed by the diversity. In Spain, we are all the same. We look the same, we sound the same, we wear the same clothes. In America, I can’t find two people who are the same. It’s about diversity. It’s about celebrating our differences so we can understand our commonalities.”



“A new community has been formed here.”

Denice has been leading several of our food access efforts for three years. Not only was she one of three muses for Rafael’s mural, she leads our Women’s Group and was one of the first people to break in our Community Kitchen, making Posole Verde for the masses.

Denice said, “I feel like we are going to start bringing more people in. There are more people welcoming you and it looks like there are more opportunities to give. When you walk in, you see that everyone is giving a part of themselves.

I used to think ‘ohhh they give out food there’ but what I’m trying to get people to understand is that it’s not just about receiving food, there is friendship, people who can help you.”



Key Detail

This beautiful mural by Key Detail channels the roots of our multicultural community and faces east over our edible gardens and greenhouses so as to bless the harvest.

Key Detail is a husband and wife team, Andrei Krautsou and Yuliya Puhach. They said, “The projects that we do allow us to meet people, travel to places, learn about subjects that we didn’t know, find interesting facts from the history of cities where we paint, and see the beauty of our world. It is very important that the city gets beautiful art that inspires the local community and attracts visitors. It helps the community to become stronger and more close-knit. It teaches the young generation that art creation is a magical and interesting process. Before any project we always complete research about the place we are going to paint and get inspiration from it. We believe that by painting our mural we can create an environment in which any individual will feel welcomed and valued. Our goal is to inspire those who see our work to look more carefully at the world around them, to discover beauty.”



Rafael Blanco

Rafael Blanco, world-renowned for his portrait work, painted three people who are instrumental to our organization on the north side of our building. His first drafts included stock imagery of faces who could represent the people of The Hunger Coalition, but thought using real people who are deeply connected to the organization would be more meaningful. He was right. Read more throughout this report about the experiences of Rafael, Mike, Denice, and Hadi.

Rafael says, “My excitement about this project is to work for such an essential cause. Everyone should have access to decent food no matter your social status, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, etc. My current public art deals with colorful portraits of diversity and inclusion. I want to question the importance of color and other shared preconceived ideas about diversity. I use bright color schemes as backgrounds as well as the main tonalities of the diverse portraits. It is important to celebrate our differences so we can understand better our commonalities.”




Amandalynn called her work a, “… rainbow celebration of life, food, nature and the gathering of people. All things that shine true at this beautiful new space.” Her work wraps around our community Cafe where life, food, nature, and gathering are in full force. She even included local bees, as requested by one of our volunteers who’s a beekeeper.

Amandalynn says, ‘One of the most meaningful experiences I have enjoyed while painting was when a very shy, quiet woman came by to tell me that the piece I was working on brought her joy every morning on her way to visit her sick husband in the hospital.’ I have been drawn to creating public mural art from the onset because it is an opportunity to create Art for Everyone. I strongly believe that every person deserves the opportunity to experience and be inspired by art. Creating spaces and places for people to stop for a moment and enjoy the beauty of the world around them, is my way of feeding the creative spark that lies deep within us all. I am specifically interested in the Bloom Community Food Center mural project as it seeks out to bring people together not only through art but also through the celebration of feeding our bodies with healthy food. It is truly a beautiful and welcoming place and experience for everyone, and I am very honored to have been part of the project.




ARCY drew inspiration from a photo of a Bloom Youth intern working in a sea of sunflowers at Bloom Community Farm. He was struck by the golden hour light across her face cast by the evening sun.

ARCY says, “This year I came across an amazing opportunity to create a mural for Bloom Community Food Center. As I researched more about this neighborhood in Bellevue, and the rich culture that its community represented, I was not only enlightened, but intrigued and determined to apply for such a meaningful opportunity. The Hunger Coalition not only embraces such a diverse and colorful community, but houses a creative hub whose purpose is to serve its community. These qualities are the precise indicators that fuel my passion for my art, giving back to communities throughout the world.”



Chris Fonseca

SECA had the fun challenge of painting a mural for our children’s space. He placed a diverse and curious crew of kids in a mountain valley full of big, fluffy clouds. He loved the optimism and opportunity innate to clouds; how they start as vapor, something intangible, just like an idea would and then produce something tangible, like a raindrop that then helps produce life. One boy in the painting was inspired by the artists’ son.

SECA said, “I’m an artist because creative power ultimately gives all of us the power to give even when we seemingly have nothing to give. To know you have something you can create is where all people find value and worth beyond, and where true wealth is created! I believe this is a burgeoning hope and as something firm that we can cling to to pull us out of this dark time.”



John ‘Zender’ Estrada

John Zender Estrada is an LA-based artist who came to the valley as a part of an Eduardo Chavez event put on by Herbert Romero and Tami Davis of The Crisis Hotline. At the event, Hunger Co. staff became deeply inspired by the work of JZE and invited him to place his mark on our new building. We invited him down for a tour and at the end of an hour with our staff, he was similarly inspired by our work and vision.

He committed to a mural and the rest is history. JZE wanted to capture the natural beauty of Idaho and place an immigrant family at the center of the mural. Naomi Spence, Associate Director, says, “My interpretation is that Idaho is a place for all people and the beauty should be shared. He was inspired by our vision to build a beautiful space for the working people of Blaine County and wanted to contribute in this way.”